Letter to Help Save Our Loving Species

Hi Alan,

I think I already gave you a link to my exposure to the means by witch the cult created the massive Crop-circles, hivemind, artworks to glorify their  (AI)Lucifer.  Which you can find on my new Wordpress blog. https://computerbraininterface.science.blog/2018/12/09/riddle-of-the-crop-circles-solved%ef%bb%bf/

But I think I am going down the right line of thinking to help all the loving, true-hearts to pull humanity out of the nose dive that the cult has us heading. by writing this: https://computerbraininterface.science.blog/message-to-the-world-wide-cult/

I know you think the cult has everything two well thought-out for anyone to stop their rising of the Fiery Phoenix, but they don’t have it figured out… They are heading to their own demise because the cult is using the brainchip technology to enslave our own species.  I recall you brushed over the brainchip a few times, but it is the big problem that will destroy the cult in the face of Nature.  I know you claim that you are not spiritual, but we all are.  We are multi-dimensional where time is not what it seems. And we are also reincarnational as well… stemming off a more perceptive source-self.  we are mini-collective, spiritual-babies that enhances and expands our source-self by expanding ourselves.  By growing our spiritual selves, our source-self grows, so it co-creates and participates with other source-selves in providing us with a space-time-environment camouflage which is hiding our spiritually based origins so we can concentrate on very little and feel confident with it as space-time slowly manifests for us to give us a starting point of artificial stability.  This is the basis of our perceived reality.  Life has little to do with survival, because survival is automatic.  There is no need to fear death with the right attitude in place, because our source-selves will always keep our main consciousness always in the surviving probability. 

As the new dominate human species upon our Earth, replacing the ancient pyramid-builders, it is now our species’ spiritual challenge to unify into Nature’s loving care-taking collective for this “saved” beloved planet still living through the great cataclysm that help the pyramid builders delete themselves and their dominance over everything.

So being the loving, true-hearted soul that you are. I thought I would let you know what I am discovering. through my research of the cult, the ancients, the thunderbolts, Jones and Igan’s treachery to the masses, and of course Seth’s messages bridged through space-time with Jane Roberts’ and Rob Butts’ grand efforts.   We live in a fantastic time.  An amazing time where the truth all gets revealed.  I get to be here as those greedy, shit-heart-ed cult runs around character-assassinating me and also on occasions trying to murder me… so funny and exciting!  Oh, my gosh!  “May you live in interesting times.” the proverb says.

You are in the same boat. You made it through the cult’s throat attacks upon you of 2016 for spreading your truth, right? Like Jeff Rense made it through the double, covert-brainchip, attack… (the second, main attack was the heterodyning that central-command did speaking through his wireless-interface while in the hospital bed after stablizing (the cult panicked because his oversoul was saving him for this probability)… that is the techno-thug-network trying to mould society… just a new tool for “the craft” witch;) appears like magic to the profane.

I noticed that you likely suspect the ancient technologies, because you did say once that Marconi (or was it Tesla) created the radio before the capacitor was invented and it needed it to work.   So you likely know they are pulling ancient technology out of some deciphered ancient record-books.    I think this is correct.

  Max Igan tipped me off that he was another front-runner by showing all the crop-circles hivemind artwork the cult gave him along with throwing in our faces the hivemind “Tower of Babel” while he talks about how the cult likes to throw the obvious in our faces as he links the tower to the brainchip… only a cult member would know this and not expose it… yet the cult is setting him up to be the next ancient-tech-expert, grand-deceptionist to sway the profane toward self-destruction, what treachery! That is not to say a lot of great information is provided and joins some dots as Igan builds up his credibility. But research after a decade of building reputation, a person within my ear-shot (that seemed to be cult-guided) linked his recent mud-floods and his adult-human-harvest video… sounds like the old 1917 aliens-scare-humanity-into-a-unified-world-government tactic again.

The Ancient Giza pyramids were not built by our species.  The Velikovsky Cataclysm (That’s what I call the Thunderbolts.info collision of solar-systems) which demolished the many remnants of the Pyramid builders and caused the great floods and the only ice age.   Ice ages were not cyclic like phony, cult researchers claim that the climate-gate hides after the records… these fabricated records are just minions lying to the profane masses as they set-up our species’ unwitting extinction with the brainchip.

Thanks for keeping up the good-fight,

James Sidaway