Message To The World-Wide-Cult

After many years of studying the world-wide-cult (that JFK and William Cooper died for trying to expose), our species has come to a very critical choice. Will it awaken to address the corruption the cult is imposing upon it… or will it bow down to give-up it’s will-power towards freedom like the initiates did already. The initiates imagine that by becoming part of the cult, that they have blessed themselves with some kind of magic wand towards a prosperous future, but they have been tricked by their masters. Cooper coined the cult members as the biggest group of idiotic followers our world has ever seen… Cooper was correct. They have reduced themselves, or their spiritual presence, into a fragment of what it was at their birth and childhood.

The initiates cringe as they look into their private, bathroom mirror and wonder to themselves,

“What have I done? My cult told me to do it. I must serve my master or die the death they swore me to experience!” It is all a trick…

Message to cult members: {The wicked priests can only do that to the other initiates around your focus, but not you once you realize that you are spiritually limitless. Seth teaches the real magic of this framework, not phony illusions. If you do not believe this is true, then the cult-priests will keep you blind. If you become a loving, true-heart for your species and stop trying to kill it, thus you will begin to love the Earth as well, you become a defender of Nature’s grace for what it has bestowed upon you by your oversoul and All-That-Is. then they will not be able to kill you, only others in your cult will perish as you choose your new timeline… yes, you will participate, then, in saving your species and expanding it’s spiritual presence rather than para-citing and impeding all of mankind.

The cult is a non-entity… it is simply a corporation of hateful greed that steals the will-power away from initiates. It has no real life like you have.

So… silly souls! You are at the centre of your perception. Seth broke through the psychological barriers of our space-time framework with Jane Roberts to teach you about your reality. This is the most under-rated human achievement in the modern age. And humanity cannot recognize it for what it is, yet. Most of humanity is lost in non-sense that the cult glorifies and specifies for the cattle and the initiates, alike. Seth is your illumination that you seek, not a few secret words from the tricky Cult of Deception. Seth teaches you that you live in a, rather, magical reality where you get what you concentrate upon and what you subconsciously desire. The cult teaches you to murder your own future by participating in a “great work” of secret, self-enslavement. You willingly re-build a Tower-of Babel” to enslave others, but you destroy yourselves instead. You get what you concentrate upon… thus you get enslaved as you concentrate on enslaving others as your thug-priest giggle at your own stupidity. This is Nature at work for you. Be careful what you wish for.

Your task upon Earth as a spiritual-baby is to learn that you have these powers this spirit you feel within. To learn that your soul is eternal and cannot be sold to a fictitious, Master of Trickery. You will not die by any hand that you (and your oversoul) do not agree to end your stay… You are living in a multi-dimensional reality were your choices are endless and that you have no limits to what choices you can choose within this framework’s design.

You are only trapped by the phony, cult-blood-oaths because you agree to adhere to their lunacy. The cult has no magic except what you believe. This is one of the reasons why all the initiates are called the “moon,” because they are all Luni. They are the wicked church or Isis. They reflect the wicked doctrine of Osiris’ “light.”

You are brainwashed that “the END justifies the MEANS.” This is the biggest lie needed to trick you into behaving like wicked thugs. And wicked you have become, but that is easily reversed in All-That-Is.

You have always been at the centre of power for your entire life. But you have been tricked to think you gave it away. We live in a magic universe where the nature of reality is revealed to you as you discover it’s complexities. Imagine you peel your spiritual consciousness out from the centre of a onion that contains you. There are only imaginary layers to this spiritual onion, but the centre for us is this space-time-framework which slows down how thing manifest for us “baby-spirits” while we are nuzzled in the middle of this psychological/spiritual onion. Your greater control comes to you once you realize that you are at the centre of your perception and everything is actually designed in the framework to caters to your development… whether you personally believe it or do-not believe that this is what is happening for you. (Wow! is what you should be saying to yourself right now, otherwise, you, sadly, do not believe. And why should you understand this if you’ve done little spiritual work yourself?…) You see, Nature is so self-regulating, it is so perfectly conceived! Amazing!

But as an initiated, cult-thug, you will not be able to open your mind up to realize that you already have this power within to turn your back upon something as disgusting as your cult’s undermining of your humanity. (Your challenge is to do what my father did… He was in the Freemason branch of your cult and, apparently, he refused to swear an oath to murder his children if the cult demanded it of him. He likely was already beyond the “blue lodge” by then and thus had to reverse some prior oath. I’m not sure, but it seems to fit. He was a better man than all of you for holding onto his will-power and personal morals, but he did not run with it towards his freedom from the cult, and this is what you would have to do. Once you begin you claim to freedom back, you must take it to it’s completion… and then you will be free.)

You think your cult is on a fantastic journey to enslave the oblivious profane while burning up society to make room for the cult’s hivemind/luciferian Phoenix. But you yourselves are the truly profane. You are worse-off than our species’ loving, true-hearted. You have been tricked into becoming our species’ greedy, deceptive, hatefully-wicked, shit-hearted, instead… (congratulations, that is your achievement!). You, thus, you hate yourself and thus hate all of humanity that you belong to… Your priest’s further trick you to think you will become a new species of elites…. they laugh at you for your gullibility. You are just their dumb minions. You have be duped to hate… as you think you dupe the “oblivious” profane that love their humanity.(and you hate that! cause you’ve been brainwashed by thug-priest that you don’t love your humanity) You are, thus, a part of Earth’s spiritual cancer of deception, then… can you cure yourselves through your own spiritual efforts or do you need Nature to fix your spiritual laziness for you? Congratulations techno-thugs! You are the spiritual loafers that hide from yourselves within The Cult of Deception and attempt to drag the rest of humanity down with you as you scream, spiritual-baby, secret cries for all who care to address. Take-on your spiritual responsibility for yourselves and stop para-siting off the rest of humanity without trying to kill the loving, true-hearts.}

Cooper researched the cult back to the Mystery School of Babylon and even beyond. The oldest belief system the world has to offer… but the priests of the cult made what they did “secret.” And there are good reasons for being so secret.

“Knowledge is Power” and so the cult increases it’s power by limiting it’s membership size to the point that the cult can hide within the masses and thus parasite off the oblivious or what they call the “profane.”

How did this cult ever get started in the first place?

What the cult keeps secret was/is, in ancient times, just simple, common knowledge that the “history-tellers” would tell the young in their community gatherings. But when the cult began to take control of the language, they got their own sworn initiates to take-over the “history-teller’s” positions. They fabricated religions for the masses to believe while the cult maintained the real-history of ancient times. has begun to expose the cover-up. Not only the collision of solar-systems and the Velikovsky Cataclysm, but also the plasma and electric universe we live in. (The cult hides and shadow-bans the almost as much as they shadow-ban my or or )

The masses were dumb-ed-down and lead astray by false prophets or priests that wanted to make use of the masses for their own profit. The herded live-stock with trained sheep-dogs and they developed a method to psychologically herding the masses with beliefs and then tribe-rules and then social laws. The cult created money so that people’s labours could be quantified and broken down into subjective units that coins represented. Once the coined labour units were accepted by everyone, then the priests guiding the Mystery School cult could live off of a small portion of these unitized labours of the masses or the psychological herd rather than whipping slaves directly into slavery.

The members within the cult get to live off of these excess labour-unit coins. You thus have a two class social structure. Look back into history and you have the wealthy in one hand and the serf or slave in the other. This is the basis of all society around the Earth. One class is very small and squanders knowledge the other are forced to be and to remain dumbed down. But that all ends in our society with the re-development of the ancient brainchip used by the ancient pyramid-builders. The create a hivemind based on the brainchip and communication tower network and enforce enslavement upon the masses. You are living at the crux or the rebuilding of the “Tower-of-Babel” that gave the world ruler species dominion over the other species. They think the road to direct slaves is the new way for our species.

But the cult priests are so stupid to not realize that we are all multi-reincarnational entities based upon a single species line. You dumb-fcks…. Your brainchips are not only enslaving without a whip and flail. The brainchips hinder/impede the spiritual growth of the individual there-in. The Lumanians did not use the brainchips to enslave their own species. It was for impeding and controlling the humanoid “beasts” of burden. You dumb-fcks! These are the master-minds of the cult? Unbelievable! The watchers from other dimensions could be nothing much more than disgusted with all of you cult idiots. What lack of insight! What blundering buffoons with a bit of technological, hateful greed. Who was the “master-mind” of this one? And the cult obliviously marches right into it…. to take out the whole species… hmmm witch includes themselves, btw, for the many who still can’t think clearly… It has to be spelled out for you “master-minded”, dumb-fcks!

But the blunder that this cult has made is that they are using the technology upon their own species… and thus they defeat themselves before they even got started. These monsters running the cult know that the hivemind will start-out with a very large ruling class of obedient minions. But the plan is to install the same brainchip in them as they install into the enslaved masses. Yes, they have been lied to and tricked in all their greed. They will become part of the enslave once the system is all set up. Only the ONE with the real master-switch to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become the top of the pyramid. Or (AI) or “Lucifer” will be that ONE that controls itself.

So there you have the prior knowledge of where the cult is taking the species. The ancient “Lumanians” (as Seth named them in Chapter 15 of Seth Speaks) developed the brainchip to control and impede the other larger and physically stronger humanoids upon Earth to work as beast-slaves. This is why Homo sapiens is call the half-beast by the cult priests. We were given some of the Lumanians genetics spliced into the native beast-men of Earth to create a worthy intelligent race to continue the dying species of Lumanians. Nature, in all it’s wisdom, pulled the plug on the masters of deception and impediments. And left the Earth for we hybrids to love and cherish.

But, the members of our species that cling onto the greed and hate for the rest of nature have amassed into a very powerful and very secret world-wide-cult. That has come to present the final challenge for we remnant-Lumanians to get over without killing off our own species. The Mystery School cult priests and elitists are too greedy to make better use of their gifted intellect. No, instead, they want to enslave their own species into the same servitude with the same ancient-technology that in many ways destroyed our tunnel-dwelling, Lumanian ancestors. Their choice of probabilities is toward their own extinction.

James Sidaway