Riddle of the Crop Circles Solved

Brainchip Hivemind Artwork in the farm crop

Riddle of the Crop Circles Solved.   Has anyone else noticed that there were no mysterious crop-circles of any significance before the cellular phone and cell towers went up.

Just look at all that semetrical artwork. It is radial artwork.
These things are not humanly possible, right… yet you ignore them.
You have never investigated them because it might look like you are an ufologist to anyone else. And you know there are no aliens from… where, oh, lets say Pliaedies or the star group “Seven Sisters,” not that far from our closest galaxy neighbour “Andromeda.”

“Stop it! Stop it! I don’t believe in aliens!” yet you don’t spend a little time and figure out how these massive crop-tramping projects appear over just a few hours… no, not hours… they pop up in minutes.

Hour can a group of humans get together and in a hour, tramp out these crop-circles in the dark, with not one little light on to “see” what they are doing.

You see, you don’t have the answer to this. So what do you do. You give up.
Or you just, shrug your shoulders and say it must be “the aliens.”

The invasion of some alien species have been suggested since 1917 as a means of unifying mankind under a world governance (to defend humanity, of course). No, this was a human suggesting this… a human in a branch of the Mystery School club that loves to study the pyramids and the planets.

Chis Dunn (an engineer) analysed the Giza Pyramid and wrote a book called the Giza Power Plant. Dunn says, our present technology level cannot duplicate the precise stone shaping seen in the egyptian faces. He shows how they are perfectly symetrical and that is not possible for an artist with a bronze chizel. There was some other machine technology that was used to create the artwork. But wait a second… are not these crop-circles perfectly symetrical and created in unreal short time, in the dark?

This Mystery School club has taken over the security branches of every country. They determine what the “profane” public is allowed to know… it is a case of “National Security.” Security for the club… not for the “profane” public.
Have you ever noticed the CIA getting caught doing very bad things and then covering it up. Well, Hollywood has made this idea very normal and as a result the sheeple don’t get spooked by hearing it happen in real life. William Cooper was the first guy who used the human descripter “sheeple” and always used the cult’s decriptor for the oblivious public as the “profane.” His exposure of this Myster School cult was done in 1994 with his “Mystery Babylon” series of talk radio after 22 years of research and can be found and downloaded off of archive.org but you have to be careful since edited version like to cut out stuff.

So were the pyramids built by some aliens from another star system?
They were built by an ancient civilization. And the knowledge of that ancient civilization will expose the Mystery School cult or club that runs the high security places like the CIA with the “National Security” for the cult nation to protect from the profane.

William Cooper was duped by the cult at first. Cooper was tricked into thinking the “National Security” was covering-up the aliens. No, the cult was turning Cooper into a “useful idiot.” But Cooper got wise to the sham being played upon him and he dug into the history of the shamsters. He discovered the Mystery School cult squandering knowledge and documents and technology. Cooper exposed the “flying saucer” technology being developed and used in “Area 51” These are not aliens re-developing the technology. They are just as human as you or I.

But they need to control wise-guys like Dean Clifford. They need to stop people who care for humanity’s prosperity. They need to twist people who love Nature and try to bring out greed and hate. The create a network of families and temples and police and lawful courts to control the profane masses of non-initiates and keep them from exposing their Mystery School cult of greed and hate.

This cult is always creating front-runners to mis-direct the profane away from the truth of their existence and their purpose. You can alway pick these false-hearted leaders because they insist that you don’t need to know who is doing the damage to your civilization. And they also lead you to blame diversions like “the aliens”

So what about the crop-circles? If “the aliens” didn’t create the circles of art… who did?

I already answered that. But how can they do it?

I only have answered that. The Mystery School now has the cellular tower grid in place, which they had the profane finance. They have the profane locked into fony fiat money. They have the profane paying half their labours to the cult. And now they don’t need the profane. Now they have to get rid of the profane. So they get a front-runner to inform the profane that aliens have been harvesting humanity for a very long time after that front-runner uses real facts to develop a “good” reputation and the fony aliens will surface from the shadows.

The whole purpose of the cellular grid is not to mesmerize the masses and isolate them with cell-phones. It is to create the “Hivemind” network over the world. The brainchip is the nanotechnology that connects the collective together into what was once called the “Tower of Babel.” But the history books they wrote said God destroyed the Tower. Well, if you study thunderbolts.info Walace Thornhill will explain to you that we had a recent merging of solar systems. That was God’s act of destroying the “tower of babel.” My father was an austracized Freemason who only once said to me when I was 8 years old… “There must be a some kind of God that created all this.” Well, I can confidently answer him now, “Yes there is, Dad.” But the cult that austracized him was grinding into all the initiates heads that there is no spiritual force. This cult brainwashes their initiate that there is no spiritual source, yet there is. The Mystery School lies and brainwashes it’s minions.

But the crop-circles? The Cellular prison-grid keep exact location of the Manchurian candidate. The brainchip can take-over the muscles of the body. If you want to fight the movement, I guess you can, but the brainchip can also make you go unconsious instantly while still roboting your body. It turns your body into a “binary-biological” Deborah Travaras exposed a NASA document that calls brainchipped zombies “binary-biologicals.”

So these binary-bios do not need light to see. They can “work” in total darkness as long as there is nothing in the way… The cult could direct them to go into a flat field and walk around… maybe a crop-field. If a minivan of 6 binary-biologicals drove up to a farmers field… they could tramp down the crop in minutes in any design that the AI is telling their body to do. They give up their will-power to the AI or they are unconciously, remote-controled. Isn’t technology marvelous.

Crop-circle mystery is solved,

Besides, the thug-network needs something to do with all their talent and time while they wait for the front-runners to provided enough confusion and mis-direction of the profane until everyone is brainchipped and their slaughter can commense.

On another group, Earthsc.org I made the analogy that the brainchipped minions letting the AI in their heads direct their bodies to stomp down the crop as if they were the head of a dot matrix printer.

If you study closely some of the stompings in the crop-circle. You can see they are not acting randomly which is the way a human brain would stomp in the dark of night. If you use the wonderful, critical-thinking, mind nature gave you… you will begin to realize that the people who were stomping were acting digitally.

The mind that nature gave us is runs in analog. This is why I like analog clocks rather than digital clocks. Critical thinking is a blessing and we all have it just waiting to be used.


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