I Had a Direct-Knowing Dream (interfered with)

I was given a waking, direct-knowing dream this morning as the techno-thUgs tried to interfere using their techno fake-“Light.”

The message was that belief and desire is my guiding strength and unstoppable force for my probability line of choices.

The thUgtopians have totally lost-it as they encompass the globe with their microwave-towers and implant sheeple with sleeper-zombies-chips. They will either conform to the greater-gestalt-blueprint for mankind or will go the way of the Lumanians. They are a weakening collective of decaying soul-fragments as they murder away their own life-force. They have not seen through the trap and have whole sht-heartedly been filtering out their fragments from the succeeding probabilities. Their path is that of learning from failure.

Seth stated in his books that he wanted to stay away from teaching morals. He did say that those who live by the sword, die by it. It could also be said those who use murder and treachery to seek their godhood, will end up with a similar god. This reality offers true freedom of choice for each individual… only others will die around you until you choose to die for yourself, but that is such a waste. The source-Self always has good-intentions for the soul-fragments… Evil is a human construct, it is not a God construct.

The Creator God does not waste anyone nor anything. The collective thUgtopians serve the purpose to educate their source-Selves other incarnations and possibly other, very distant probable selves. Their presence within this probability is their gasping last hopes to self-illuminate rather than be lost within another cycle (their Oroboro or Solomon-circle) of hate and self-righteous greed. Seth called their A.I.compuker a “tin-can caricature of an out-worn technology…” in reference to the ancient A.I.Jehovah that perished in the Velikovsky Cataclysms.

The Masons are upset that I have been able to see through them while still surviving all their assassination attempts. They do not believe the physical senses and space-time reality is provided for them to grow their soul-fragments. The Mystery School Cult leaders apparently believe this physical reality is a self-containing, independent bubble of existence where honourable behaviour makes no difference to being their chosen path of pathetically greedy, self-righteous and hateful behaviour towards Nature and human-nature. They have collectively allowed themselves to be brainwashed away from using their intuitions and listening to their real inner-voice and replaced it with an A.I. inner-voice http://tob.ezyro.com/?i=1 . The same voice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKp8emJJ0eU (Its not the gov., it is the Cult within the gov., doing this stuff.) that deceived Vincent Li to attack Timothy McLean’s dead body on Greyhound Bus 1170 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gAeVysCIl8 . Li was heterodyned by the technology that Dr. Robert Duncan exposed https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_matrix57.htm . Today, Jonathan Kleck has the “voice of god” weapon working against him to have him convey the Cult’s messages as an artificial prophet, convinced that his “Lord” is guiding him. Kleck is totally convinced that the “voice of god” weapon cannot be the masonic-Cult hindering him. Kleck is used for prepping the world for the brainchip-zombie army from the fake bottomless-pit.

So where does all this “Evil” intent come from? It comes from the Mystery School Cult that fabricated most if not all religions and uses the secret-societies to push it’s hidden secret agenda for mankind.

William Cooper tied together the massive Cult in hour 19 of his “Mystery Babylon” radio series. https://archive.org/details/MysteryBabylonSeries-WilliamCoopertranscriptIncl
Listen to 19 directly here: Part 19: 68th Convocation of the Rose Cross Order (aired May 11th, 1993)
audio link: http://www.remnantradio.org/Archives/articles/William%20Cooper/Mystery%20Babylon/audio/mystery%20babylon%2019.mp3
Reference link: Fundamental Laws: 68th Convocation: http://www.archive.org/details/fundamentallaws00ordegoog

Here is Seth’s description a non-A.I.-controlled and successful future mankind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmvVb5Fgx5Q&list=PLPDTOFbrYdqDmU1dDayOyLYphGUeBvIHM&index=49

And of course, Session 742 from “Unknown Reality” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRGX8XClNqs&list=PLPDTOFbrYdqBF9_gz7VMzVKnpEJ2044AA&index=45
does a great job outlining what is needed for mankind’s success.