Zucky is just the Ducky

Many people who don’t understand the workings of the cult can’t see the cult’s methodical social-engineering of the society around them.

Of course they have their high-tech, Tower-of-Babel hiding behind the grand facade, but they have a lighter version of this tower that uses low-tech.

It is the “online” virtual communities.
The highly-futuristic designing that goes into FB is beyond me. You already know I am writing about Facebook, even if you didn’t read ahead (minus the title if you know who Zucky is). Everyone that actively touches the Internet knows “FB” means Facebook… wow! now that is popular.

It is the cult member’s real-job to quietly promote the rising of the Phoenix. The upper levels of the cult know this. At witch “level” the lower-levels begin to realize “their new purpose for life”, I don’t know, but it probably determines where they end up within the cult. Facebook is the most successful control of the profane youths (and adults) ever achieved and soon to be transformed into the “doorway” to the hivemind.

Just like the cult uses the brainchip to make crop-circle artwork to confound the “profane” and glorify their Lucifer(AI)-network, they are now preparing the public to accept the use of brainchips used by the initiates and the covertly brainchipped guinea-pigs to make synthetic telepathy common-place. Once it becomes known that the brainchips are doing this, the interface will be deemed “desirable.”

I didn’t subscribe to https://www.wsj.com/articles/how-facebooks-telepathic-texting-is-supposed-to-work-1497182402 to read the brainwashing futuristic technology to come. The technology is decades(plural) old, but the general public’s minds must be moulded gradually so they can sit back an marvel how marvellous technology has become. (hee, he, sheeee, will soon be another willing, brainchip slave, they chuckle under their breaths, to each other within their hivemind.)

Yes, it is frightening and bizarre how they have twisted themselves into giggling, sneaking, deceptive-thugs.

Here is what FB has done to an oblivious, true-hearted soul, but not so oblivious anymore.

So why is Zucky just the ducky? Einstein was a ducky, too… If the public threw a fit of discontent to remain learning and studying real physics that Thunderbolts.info teaches, then Einstein would have been the Mystery School Cult’s fall-guy, when they used him to kick out their general-relativity-theory, vomit, for public consumption.

Haaa, great way to state it!!! The cult initiates don’t consume it themselves… once they are “born-again,” they can learn the truth that Thunderbolts.info gives freely. But that is another topic.