The Essence of a Front-Runner

The Essence of a Front-Runner

The most important job that the Freemason and Eastern Star has is not earning a wage, but to keep a positive and authoritative presence amoungst the general public of non-initiates. “You must walk amoungst and tend to the flocks, my brothers and sisters” (they don’t call each other monsters or thugs to each other in person, but they think it), “and if you notice one that has breached the fence, bring it back into the corral. If the same one wonders out past the containment any more, then it must be culled, least it lead others beyond the fence, too.”

For humans the fences are created in the mind then they can be tricked into not seeking their freedom like a sheep might…

“People will frown upon you if you do that… oh the shame! How could you not pay your taxes? It’s not right! What will the neighbours think! You can’t do that! It is not normal.”

 David Icke was very good at pointing this all out decades ago. Icke was one of the big front-runners that ran around getting in front of the more passive clear thinkers taking their ideas and grabbing a following before a true-heart does. Icke was helped by Maxwel Jordan, took Jordan’s material and ran away with it into the spotlight because the media and publisher would not restrict his pathinto the spotlight like they did with Jordan. Icke exposed the brainchip but (for some reason) associated it with reptilian shape-shifters. The reason for the reptilians is to give the technology an alien association. And now David Icke is using the electric universe ideas to grab even more clear thinking masses. But now the key blame is not the cult of Mystery schoolers…. no, no, the blame heads off to the “Archons.” The problem is the brainchip enslavement of humanity… and Icke talks about the Archons who are going to possess your body.

Ever seen the flying “V” in the sky above you?

Haa, I’m not talking about the dreaded V UFO.

 The lead goose can easily sway the direction of the pack of geese. Icke, Jones, Igan have jumped into the lead of the pack of geese they choose to study. They study the pack in order to mimic and then give them what they want in a bigway… then they drift the following like a preacher thumping abible. Icke took it from Jordan and ran with the topic of symbolism and mind-control in his own direction to gain an even larger following of alien believers, so Icke doing the shape-shifters was suitable for his pack or group.

 Alex Jones took the constitutionals and Christians from the deceased William Cooper, but expanded profits with survival stuff, but It was all good stuff, except some of his Iodine shield in Glycerine. Even promoted gold and survival food just like Cooper. Jones said some informer guy gave him the “INFOWAR” name for him. “You will be The Infowar,”is what that guy said. But Jones knows about the brainchips but will lead the Christians to believe the zombies are possessed by demons of evil rather than brainchips. Jones got started talking about the “prison-grid,” but sways the people away from The Masonic Cult using brainchip technology to possess their bodies with electronics to make remote-control zombies.

Max Igan is another promoter of the spiritual crowd. His angle is religion causes more trouble than it is worth. Igan brushes over the brain-chip just like Jones did and it is the most deadly and important tool the cult has to extinct mankind in the face of Nature. Icke did the best job exposing the horrors of the brainchip, but hedoesn’t touch the topic anymore. Igan’s does not want to findout who(The Cult) and what(The Mystery School) is undermining society… but rather says “lets evolve into the next great civilization and leave behind the scumbags (unidentified)”… Why not identify them? Then we would discover the ancient history… Igan’s wrote the book on ancient technology… His following is after ancient “truths.”

Igan speaks of world-wide-love [very good!](just like Icke) while he plays the Crop-Circles on his video which is the Tower-of-Babel artwork. Yes, Igan tells you that he is part of the cult by doing this, butyou cannot see it because you don’t learn who makes mathematical-crop-circles. You have to educate yourself if you don’t see why.

Igan says we have the mud-floods to now worry about and the 200ish year cycle of adult harvesting and it is due right about now!… by what? by what? tell up Max we need to know!!!  (If anyone is being nabbed look into the Cult first) but don’t worry about the brainchip control-grid of enslavement that also create Crop-Circle-Hivemind-Artwork. Front-Runners giggle all day within their hivemind/AI connection. Laugh, laugh, “they are so profane, and we mystery babyloner are soooo smart, now with our brainchips.” I think Igan will soon be talking about Icke’s “Archons.”

There are tons of other smaller front-runners… all in the cult, mostwere religious in the past, but now that The West has been social engineered away from religion… spirituality has been promoted, sothat is where Igan is.

What is the solution?

Well,the cult assassinates the profane that don’t like what is happening. Should they be killed just like they do to the Innocent. Naaaaa

Well,if the assassinations fail over and over and over…. then the cult likes to gather together and use the brain-chip to lobotomize the profane… Should we lobotomize the cult members who can’t seethe light (show me one who is illuminated, not phony illuminated with technology in their head)…. just like they lobotomized the profane for seeing through their bs and facade?

 Lobotomizing them would make them a bigger burden upon the working class, but theywould stop trying to murder and lobotomize the working class.

What does the cult think should happen to themselves for being the most wicked, and awful manifestation humanity has to offer the history books? I’m sure they would agree once their secrets are all revealed.

I’m sure lobotomies could sway their hate and greed andself-righteousness… this is what they do to the profane.

I’m just telling you what they do and get away with it…

Behaving like them is below a true-heart

They have friends in low places.

They are on the low road towards their extinction.