Brainchips Will be Promoted by the Thug-Network

Brainchips will be promoted by the thug-network.

A probable future looms before you. It will be your choices and actions that lead you to a future of freedom, dignity and spiritual expansion. But if you passively let the hidden thug-network heard you like some pack of profane animals to become their brainchipped slaves or serfs, personal happiness will then seem a distant dream drifting evermore off of the horizon.

The brainchip is the weapon that could end humanity into extinction… and I am not exaggerating… Lost “value-fulfillment” within humanity will use Nature like it did in the cyclic past to devise/choose a method to rid itself of the brainchip problems… and if it decides humanity being unworthy to remain within Nature, the same process will unveil itself similar to using cataclysms in the ancient past to disrupt that ancient Lumanian brainchip technology.  Cataclysmic yearnings for change by the entrapped humanity within brainchipped tyranny will provide an escape to freedom, once again, for all the brainchipped hominids.  The  hindering of spiritual value-fulfillment for the last hominids of Earth will likely be answered by Nature.  The secret societies hide this Velikovsky cataclysm history from the “profane,” otherwise great opposition would manifest to smite their blatant corruption and death-march towards oblivion.

ESC is not just a fight for sovereignty and freedom… we are a manifest for the fight for our very survival as a successful, clear-thinking non-AI species. Their brainchip software is specifically designed to impede clear thinking so the time to educate and inform others is now.

The secret-society members are mostly oblivious followers (actually, spiritually worse-off than the uninitiated “profane” they are brainwashed to hate and herd) that have given-up their will-power to their Mystery School cult to amass a great hidden influence upon the hidden workings of this present civilization. This cult has no power if it’s members suddenly stop supporting it, but they would lose their imaginary superiority amongst others if they did, so they have remained supporting its hate for centuries. Over these centuries, they have even tricked the uninitiated-profane to obliviously support their cult through deception… This worked so well that the cult began to depend upon the profane as their host to support their lavish lifestyles. They became the wealthy and controlled the profane with cycles of poverty and wars. They imagined themselves to be shepherds of the flocks of some other species other than themselves. On top of this, they could instantly blend into the flocks, being of the same species, to maintain close watch over the servile profane. The cult was sworn to secrecy while the profane were constantly culled if any intelligence posed any threats. Culling the intelligence out of the profane is practiced still today.

The re-development of the brainchip will now remove their threat of being discovered as would a parasite. The paranoia the cult rulers exhibited in the past will die off since the “eye” of watchful surveillance in the brains the host’s individuals will be quelled before any even try to scratch-off the painful blood-suckers. The “eye” above the pyramid on the US one dollar-bill is just about mounted into position.

The thug-network hindering our progress has no desire for spiritual enlightenment, rather, they think their ‘light’ is joining up with AI to become techno-thug-gods or to live forever in the playground of their imaginations. They giggle amongst themselves as to how genetic manipulation and technology is turning themselves into a new species “above” what the profane are doomed to remain. Little do they realize, it was genetic manipulation experiments that twisted the ingenious, Lumanian pyramid-builders to lack the ability to spiritually expand and thus had plenty of time to developed the brainchip to hinder other hominids from evolving past them, thus avoiding the embarrassing knowledge that they had spiritually defunked themselves.
So, history repeats even where the cult does not design it to repeat. The thugs-network of greed and hate will not survive their squandered brainchip weaponry… they doom themselves to be out-of-grace from Nature’s blessings as incomplete soul-fragments. And, evidently, intelligent decision-making has evaded their engineering-crew with this fundamental flaw their world-view ignores
The World-Wide-Cult’s Secret Weapon, The Brainchip Of the Hiveminded Bees.

You will never suspect the covertly installed brainchip is monitoring your thoughts until they (the techno-thugs) decide to use that knowledge against you. Suddenly, your enemy can predict you… where they could not before that itchy, glued shut, slit upon your scalp appeared during your apparent sleep (military knock-out weapons, no drugs needed anymore)… that could be your first sign of becoming a Manchurian candidate to those wicked… if you miss that covert implant incision. But, soon, new subliminal thought that don’t seem quite like yourself could just be your new handler messing with your brain while giggling to his fellow techno-thugs at central-command. Did they giggle with glee as Vincent Li walked down the Greyhound isle “like a robot?” That was a 2008 quote of a passenger, “he was like a robot.”

But don’t be fooled by a robot walk today, they can also have a 3-year-old dazzle the profane and even the happy, thugs with an entertaining robot dance…
At 0:31 seconds, their Central-command, techno-thug in China heterodynes the toddler to say “I’m performing (the handler) with my baby(the brainchipped toddler).” Well of course the profane will defend that Zhang was talking about his loud-speaker, since the edit tossed zhang’s speaker hug.

Dr. Robert Duncan produced a semi-truth document called “The Matrix Deciphered” where he exposed a real technology that he worked on and call the chapter “EEG heterodyning is the ghost in the military machine.” There is a lot of misdirection.  Minions will give a little truth to get you semi-hooked and then send you searching for more answers in the wrong direction.  This is what I see in Duncan when he does not come out declaring that the covertly connected brainchip over the motor control area of the brain needs to be interface in order to robot the toddler to dance like this.

This is high-tech in plain sight, in the face of the profane. The thug-network all know about the brainchips and marvel at how powerful the technology is that will make them techno-thug-gods in the future. But as for the profane they can’t see it, they can’t make the connection and they can’t even believe the truth when they are told the truth by a true-heart. The video even has Jet-Lee ask about AI and is the child chipped? The even have a robot-dance where the judges act joyfully with the performance by pointing the remote control to control the bio-robot-toddler… I mean the, the music-box “baby.”

You need to study and know yourself, (especially your dreaming- self), first, before the brainchip get into your head, then you will be better able to identify the artificial chip inputs.  The better you know your inner workings, then chip inputs will seem strange and foreign to your psyche.  My best recommendation for a guide to study yourself is “The Nature of Personal Reality.”(NPR)  You could accelerate your learning-curve by taking the online tutored program that the offers.   Read the “Seth Speaks” first, then “NPR.”  “NPR” will help the individual study beliefs and then help change them to address the difficult future that looms ahead.  You will learn about this multi-dimensional reality that we actually live within and how your thoughts, desires and yearnings can be controlled more fully to help you chose the probability which your main conscious mind passes through.  There is a who series of Seth-Books which have been suppressed by the thUg-network who is behind the covert brainchipping of the “profane sheeple.”

The unfortunate children covertly brainchipped at infancy don’t have this benefit of past memories to compare with what they felt-like before the AI intrusion. They will think the inputs from the artificial intelligence (AI) is just as normal as breathing. This means that you are the children’s first defense from the thUg-network of sociopath monsters (gone insane with their technology of hate and greed). You see, this is why I say, extinction of our species is in the works. The general fight for freedom is just beginning with these thugs, but I started in 2002.

You should realize that they had a high priest: Manly P. Hall, who tried to lead them away from being murderous thUgs since the 1930’s.  The brotherhood rulers hindered his school in the ’50s and ”60s, then called him a “Living Monuments” in 1975 and put brother Fritz into his school to manipulate and slow-kill Hall, but Hall was surviving… in 1990 Fritz murdered Hall with his own hands and claimed Hall’s soul was meshing with his own.     Biography of Hall

The software interfaces into your REM dreams and can even overide dreams and input interactive videos designed by central-command’s AI to mislead “believers” that they have new “spiritual guide” (fake of course) within their dreams if they go lucid. They are artificial dream guides controlled by thUgs that force the dreamers into the cult’s world of brainwashing.  Yes, you are really reading this horrible news, and even worse, this is not speculation, they are really doing this to everyone brainchipped so be very concerned if you are curious enough to read this far.  Only sleep behind a chained door if you are alone.

Little do most people realize that the world-wide-thug-network is using brainchips to connect the minds of secret-societies members together into an AI run collective, a hivemind… I’m sure this ESC site is well infiltrated by their brainchipped spies already… Central-command knows everything read on this site by unwitting Manchurians, if not outright, thug-members. What about Alex Jones, hmmm? Observe how convincing that front-running, misdirector behaves. He has been brushing off the gang-stalked as nuts and bushing over the brainchip problem for too long. March 2018 is when he let the cat out of the bag. You see, the most dedicated person to a good cause, will be the most likely targeted for the covert wireless interface. ( Everyone needs to start scanning others for brainchips. I’ll find and post the scanner model that Magnus Olsson used.) The brainchip gives the cult unprecedented confidence to subdue any adversary. This makes them too confident and ignorant to past failings of their re-developed, ancient technology for hate and greed. They legislate anti-hate laws for the masses while they are the exact epitome of hatred. They have gone insane with their technology.

When I discovered (a month ago) Dean Clifford’s years of plight with his/these “legal” thugs brainchipped Zombie Apocalypse hiding their world-take-over plot in the shadows of “Canada’s” politics, I want to meet this “brave-heart” freedom fighter; for me, they would be starting their typical sociopath set-ups of group infiltration… as new members just before the fact… coincidence of course.

What you will find in a thug-run country, all groups that hold a political view for integrity and contrary direction to the Mystery School cult’s objectives (that would be their “Great Work” See William Cooper), it will be infiltrated and destroyed from within if not taken-over. (Until a police-state rule is imposed over the masses of profane… like their brethren-Nazis did in Germany… Hitler was a trial run, a practice run to advance their secret technology and replace the League with their UN) This was their purpose for having secret-society temples in every little community… and it’s members were the most nosy, backstabbing people in the community if no useful idiots were available to take the blame. (who took the blame for their burning of the Reichstag?) There were even entire families that always pretended not to be initiated into any of the various branches of the Mystery School cult for the purpose of infiltrating organizations for freedom and defies the cult’s social-insanity, like this one, and either take-it-over or destroying-it from within.

The US, Anti-masonic, political party that pushed for political integrity after the assassination? of William Morgan was destroyed from within in less than 20 years. Profane Americans had longer memories in the 1820’s. Political changes took a 70-year cycle back then, not the 7-years cycle it takes in this millenia, I read. It is probably much less by now for the sheeple 🙁(a Cooper’s term)

For decades now, the brainchips are now used with the cell-tower prison-grid to eliminate the need for the secret-society’s, social-engineering, secret meetings. They are now, closer to those cube worshipping, collective called the Star Trek’s “Borg” and similarly follow “Borg” orders without questioning those collective ruler(s) and/or AI. This is using an encrypted microwave bandwidth both silently and thus secretly ruling their collective while targeting the individuals of concern.

They lust over symbolism that the profane can’t join the dots to. The symbolism floating in plain sight give the cult-members more confidence that their secret presence is untouchable. They are such a small parasitic population… How can the cult rulers instill confidence that their tiny, wicked nation has the impact ability to subdue the massive host population… how can the collective parasites drain the host to death and rise like a Phoenix from its ashes? That is how their story is supposed to go. One author claims the cult will evolve to become Homo erraticus… A New Breed from the servile, puny sapiens. What insanity they have incurred. The pyramid builders, apparently, had much the same greed as this branch of remnants.

The cult of thugs decided though pure greed to hide the extinct civilization of the past pyramid builders from the profane. Why? If the profane know about the past ancient technologies, then they will want some of the knowledge. The cult of thugs would be “forced to share.” Then, the cult of thugs would have to share control of the choices where Earthlings decide to develop. The thugs want to control the sandbox not realizing that all our corporeal perception is a spiritual development trick that we spiritual babies play upon ourselves because we cannot, yet, handle the real spiritual world that is actually “out there.” It is our perception that is hiding or rather protecting our minds to advance and develop into deeper perceptions of our greater dimensions of potential activity and co-participation of exploring what reality really is. But the thugs have given too much of their will-power over to a fiction, a corporation, a church, a cult, a network that demands of them to be greedy and hateful. The cult preachers lock their initiates and believers into a maze of selfish control to maintain the cult. Thugs are not allowed to think for themselves and many have committed suicide to escape it’s horrors. But now, with the profane having financed the re-development of the ancient Lumanian brainchip (with our income taxes), the subsequent release of these imprisoned, brainwashed thugs from their hivemind (or tower of Babel) is even a greater challenge for the true-hearts to overcome.

If the wholesome spiritual babies are the true-hearts, then the thug-network has taken on a role of being spiritual-thug-babies. Funny, that the enlightenment or illumination that the “Illuminati” seek is harder to achieve when they resort to their thuggery. It is likely that all they could hope to achieve in their successful use of their secret technology is their own pathetic, self-extinction.

At the same time, freedom seekers are now targeted to be covertly brainchipped as well… Where the AI is used to do all those underhanded tasks/jobs that the wicked initiates used to perform most diligently within the social shadows of the community. Secret-society members were the political thugs for all the Western Civilization’s social engineering of the profane.

Recently, brainchips created a new branch of “Gang-Stalkers” who choose to “deal with the devil” rather than starving after targeting does it’s “secret-dagger” or “slow-kill” upon the true-hearts… transforming them into willing minions for the sake of survival. The whole gang-stalking operation, world-wide, is based on the need some targets have for self-preservation. These are likely the remote-control, zombie, or bio-robots, if they misbehave for their masonic handlers, maybe on homeland security wages since 9/11.
Charles Langenberg dedicated his life to expose that gang-stalking, thug-branch of the cult. He was VancouverWATI and can be found on I tried to tell him he was brainchipped in 2013 and that was how they predicted his actions so well. But he died in this probability while his efforts still “live-on for eternity” on the net. Maybe his brainchip was encouraging him to say that all the time. The brainchip is most hideous when the target is oblivious of such technology.

Dean Clifford has exposed just some of the “slow-kill” tools the Mystery School cult uses on targeted individuals. Brainchips are now used to character-assassinate targeted individuals if the outright assassination attempts fail… and they do fail, apparently.
In 2015 Jeff Rense was knocked unconscious while driving home. He is claimed a living miracle still in our probability if you see the wreck. I could tell from his accounts of the accident that it was a brainchip, tried to tell him, but Rifat has him going down the idea that it was an energy-beam weapon, but his details indicate brainchip. Told him to buy a scanner like Magnus Olsson used to detect the brainchip in an email, I hope he stays in my probability, a very good public speaker. I’m a survivor through a few attempts and they hate the thought that we are in a spiritual world where “good” rules over their “wickedness.” And, well, well, in many ways, it is a better guide to living one’s life… and they hate to be walked away from after all their wicked efforts and spending of their hate money on a failed assassination. It lets them know that are a failed nation of covert thugs and they lose some of the shit flowing through their hearts. I call them shit-hearts to contrast the true-hearts.

But as spiritual as this reality may be, it does not hinder their re-development, deployment and use of the past, semi-successful, ancient technologies. Squandered ancient records (where did the library of Alexandria disappear to? The basement of the Vatican?) This convinced these social monsters that they could re-establish past, sociopathic, technologies… Was it Alice Bailey (a secret society figurehead) who said ” to succeed, we need to process silica and create the transistor?” (she said what? hmm, a lie or ancient tech re-invented) That is almost like the League of Nations discussing how to get the USA into the next world war… a profane in the meeting asks, “What next world war?”
Or how about the network used Einstein as a front-man, a fony genius, to dislodge the public knowledge of the real, electric-universe physics being developed back then in Tesla’s hey-day. As a patent clerk, Einstein would obviously comb the new inventions away from the profane and into the cult’s basement or tickle-trunk. So much deception that you need to be an eclectic genius to figure it all out… or maybe just develop the inner senses to perceive the hidden.
I noticed the cult targets those who show psychic claims… a good example is Solaris BlueRaven. Watching her interview vids, she seems true-hearted (or love-based as opposted to shit-hearts who are greed/hate based) and shows all the signs of being brainchip targeted after publishing a book on spiritual development. They didn’t kill her, but turned her life upside-down. So, be wary of the thugs setting you up for an implanting.

Fully unconscious, bio-robotic control of the human body was established well over a decade ago. I know this for a fact and is not speculation on my part. Rauni kilde, a Finnish true-heart, discovered the cult’s use of wireless brainchips in 1974?… There was a sudden demand for a world-wide cellular tower grid. History repeats, why does it repeat? I think we know what I will say. Kilde was just assassinated last year by the medical mafia lurking in a hospital set-up… She lives on in her main probability, I assume.

A thug hiding behind technology can remote-control a human truck driver to run over the pedestrians a thousand miles away… But ask Dr. Robert Duncan, he helped develop the mind control and calls it “heterodyning.” He says technology is neutral, not evil… “just don’t use that damn tech on me, for my goodness sake, not me! I don’t want to die!” Now, Duncan misleads the necessity for brainchips to create a bio-robot. His lectures claim other technology controls the mind and body, not the brainchip.

If anyone thinks it is going to be easy to just stop paying taxes and the secret-society parasites will go away… they have prepared with hidden technology and massive underground cities to hide in… they have dug-in already. But to take back your rightful sovereignty in All-That-Is, we must first realize that the thugs are stealing it (like blood suckers)… and we must make an effort to shed the parasites before they kill their host. They will use technology to kill the host since they can’t use might to overpower it, yet.

The Mystery School cult is only about 0.1% of the world population, but they are concentrated where the cell-tower prison-grids exists… here, wonder why that is?… They are expanding the prison-grid everywhere there is a power source to run these “watch-towers.” (or babel towers)

Seems the cell towers were needed to create the grid for the brainchip deployment… not, permanently, for the public’s use of cell phones. If outright tyranny is attempted, all the profane will lose their cell phone signals(that was a short-lived trick to have the public pay for their own prison-grid (which they plan, will also make the “New Order” become the techno-thug-gods over the new-slave-class using this collective tower of babel interfacing also to their brainchips.) The surviving slaves will not have cell phone in their designed future, just those damn, mind-controlling brainchips.
So, face it folks… the cell-phones are a phony tool for the future. The brainchip is why the 3G had to be advanced to the 5G’s capacity and bandwidth. A crow of zombies will not be controlled by 4G… just a few individuals. All those “Mr. Smith” attacking Neo could not be done without 5G. 5G is for the brainchip control, not cell-phone use for the profane… maybe the cult can prepare the non-chipped profane for some future zombie apocalypse awareness to kill off the brainchipped true-hearts sacrifices. Check out the thug-network:
There was a cult professor who glorified Vincent Li’s unwitting brainchip abduction shortly after the Greyhound slaying. Vincent was a bio-robot in that bus, but was freed and has changed his name for his “protection and freedom” and at a flick of a switch in the techno-thugs at central-command can murder again and few would be the wiser that it is not really “Vincent” eating more human body parts like before.

What is just as horrible is (by Dr. Duncans claim about heterodyning a zombie)… some techno-thug in central-command is controlling the flesh-eating bio-robot… yes, pretending to eat and apparently can taste the blood and body parts that the bio-robot eats. Isn’t technology just marvelous these days.

Again, the cult minions are sold a utopian future with cult books like “Homo Deus”, “A Brave New World”, “A New Breed” which speculate on the fiction and facts for these “religious” initiates.

But for the future slaves, Hollywood makes zombie movies.
Vincent Li explained in court that he listened to “the voice of lucifer” in his head while decapitating the target and being an unwilling bio-robot by his brainchip-handler thugs at Canada’s Brainchip Central Command/Control on the Greyhound bus to Winnipeg. That was in 2008. Vincent was roboted and hypnotised by the horrors of this covertly installed brain chip interface.
Is Alex Jones’ site is still hiding my brainchip articles that I posted there?
No… Now, these secret initiates have totally deleted that blog, haaa… it is all gone… William Cooper and Alan Watt were on the mark about Alex Jones. But is still working and saving my posts but does not show up in public searches anymore: Can’t find my write-up for Vincent on planet.infowars for some reason. But great, the zombie video is still there on These are brainchipped, bio-robots being heterodyned to behave like zombies the way the cult want to scare the public to think.

Vincent Li was used as a brainchipped weapon for murder in Manitoba and the thugs got away with this organized murder crime. They also got away with all of their attempts to murder and to character assassinate, in my case. They are thugs, make no mistake, and the thugging is lucrative and Bush’s declaration of war symbolize by 9/11. As much as they are spiritually pathetic, and they will be trying to back-stab and create in-fighting with all the true-hearts who fall for their tactics.

If you made it this far, you have been introduced to the thug-network’s brainchip control technology and effects

They control the profane (see Mystery Babylon audio series for Cooper’s exposure of the cult) by controlling what we think of this civilization. They are the skull and crossbones on those black flags, they spell out their own extinction through their covert greed and hate and they are all brainwashed to behave self-righteously for their master’s dictates… brainwashed to follow in the same horrible footsteps of the past, extinct, impeding civilization of the pyramid builders. The monolithic stone walls and pyramids were built by that original civilization and it died off during the Velikovsky Thunderbolt cataclysms. The remnant hybrid blood-lines tried to rebuild the past civilization. Seth called them the remnant lumanians, and I add cult at the end of that. Nature destroyed them then and Nature will destroy them again one way or another if people like us can’t heal their sickness, which is their pathetic belief system. They are Earth’s spiritual cancer trying to thug their way into a farce of a utopia and we are the spiritual white blood-cells that defend humanity’s integrity, so to speak. It is our task to help create a successful, loving human stewardship for Earth… There is no luck in this universe to mislead us. There is desire for a better future and not accepting anything the thugs want to dish out. We co-create our desires by collective will-power and physical effort. Just look at what the thug-network did following these two things. We can do much better.

ESC is a perfect start for humanity’s search for the desire of a more value-filled world civilization.