Heterodyne Exposed

Brainchip Heterodyne has been exposed by Dr. Robert Duncan

Backin about 2004 a massive covert black-ops was beginning to show it’sugly face to the general public. This was the covert brainchippingprogram to attack anyone who posed a threat to the Mystery Schoolobjective of world governance and their re-establish, great, Tower ofBabel. The UN building, somewhere in the world, mimics the old shapeof a painting of the symbolic tower.

In 2006 Dr. Duncan whistle-blew “The Matrix Deciphered” “to save is arss from being deleted.”

http://www.vigli.org/Avalon/The-Matrix-Deciphered_Robert-Duncan_Nov-2010_276p.pdf (look up “heterodyning”)

Dr. Duncan’s job was to become a front-runner, grab the lead and misslead… pretty much what you have seen what Alex Jones has done to the constitutionalists… away from the brainchip’s true purpose. The brainchip run civilization is the tower of babel for the hive-minders, but they are being used to give humanity a horendous spiritual problem. The general public has to be mislead away from realizing this, or else the humanity-loving, true-hearts within society will stop it from destroying love. So the cult creates front-runners who give you SOME of the truth so that they grab a following of true-hearted people. The front-runners are thus seen to be trust-worthy or a “champion” for the little guy. The front-runner’s job it to lead you in the wrong direction.

I’m sorry to have to inform you that pretty much every true-hearted champion finds themself on the chopping block very quickly. Before a brainchip was covertly stuck into my head in 2007, the cult already tried to assassinate my ass a few times. The brainchip is meant to help set up the target for a clean kill, but they always leave an avenue open for failure of the assassination attempt. In my case, the cult did not stick a needle in my arm to inject the heart-stopping drug… no, they injected an orange that I had sitting on my car-seat. When I began eating the orange, it tasted strangely bitter, so I stopped eating the rest of the orange… within a few minutes my chest and heart muscles started to constrict and tighten-up.

My heart stopped beating and just qwivered… I had enough sense to stay away from the hospitals and drive to a friends place where I couldn’t walk anywhere for four days… until my heart began beating again.

I realize now, to have gone to a hospital would have given the cult access to me to finish the job. Hospitals are one of the cults favourite places to covertly assassinate their political targets. Rauni Kilde was taken to the thug-network’s cult infested hospital in Finland. She realized there were thugs around and managed to escape their clutches, but they eventually got her because there is no organized place for targeted individuals to go in the general public.

Jeff Rense was brainchipped-heterodyned into a bizarre solo auto accident. He had a good truck and survived. The cult didn’t inject him with a death drug. But the thug-network had the ambulence waste time driving him around for a city tour giving plenty of time for his source-self to give up on him. He wanted to stay in this probability, so to speak, good for him! In the hospital the cult used the covert brainchip to heterodyne him to reject an operation. Jeff didn’t know why his body was speaking words that were not coming from him… this was a techno-thug back at central-command committing another crime. (It is crime-cental my dear true-hearted people.)

Now, to show you just how hateful these thugs are, lets look at poor little Zhang. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYIVFPNrim8

Little toddler Zhang is heterodyned by a dancing handler and even the judges know he is brainchipped… except Jet-Lee, but you can see he has figured it out from the script… he, too, is in the thug-network, but being educated.

Another covert crime in 2008 was Vincent Li’s covert-brainchip, heterodyned zombie attack on a “carnie” target in a Manitoba, Greyhound bus. Vincent was made to get off one bus, wait for the next bus and kill the target. The “carnie worker” was, likely, an example for something, otherwise Vincent would have just been used to kill someone in the original bus he was riding in… it is hard to say with the limited information we profane are provided. But weapon searched are done for bus passengers in winnipeg… or were… Greyhound no longer serves the West.

So this is the tool used for gangstalkers. All profane gang-stalkers are brainchip, mind-controlled. These were, likely, all, once, true-hearted people who stood up for what they believed in. They got in the thug-networks’ way. Likely, while knowing they were doing what was “right” for a love-based society to prosper, they ran into an invisible brick-wall erected by the shit-hearts. The shit-hearts are greed and hate driven people who make up the Mystery School cult.

But don’t take-it out on the individual “shit-heart”… they believe that they are trapped. It is a house of cards that locks them into a mental prison. Even a family-line of generation upon generation of shit-hearted thugs believe they are locked into the massive world-wide cult.

The cult is a non-entity. The cult has no power in itself, there is no evil force behind it as Alex Jones preached. It is simply the giving away of one’s will-power to the cult that allows it to exist. The individuals just have to face their fears and walk away in the face of death-threats and fight for their free-will. Nature will not let a species become it’s chosen loving-caretaker for Earth if that species is too shit-hearted to love itself, first, if that species cannot choose freedom over slavery in the face of death. If the people driven to become shit-hearts within our species can overwelm the loving force of Nature within the remaining true-hearts, then the species fails… just like the shit-hearted, pyramid-builders before us, failed to spiritually expand.

On top of this, if the loving true-hearts cannot muster enough intellectual-love and understanding to amass an attractive force(like what the Earth Stewardship Cooperative is trying to encourage) to dissolve the concentration of greed and hate that the thug-network has amassed into a collective force. Then the thug-network prove to Nature that our species is just as inadiquate to spiritaually expand within Nature’s grace as did the “lost” civilization of the pyramid-builders.

When you look at a spiritually devastated gang-stalker, going about his or her brainchipped marching orders from sick, techno-thugs at central-command. Then you are looking at the extinction of our species within that individual.

The thug-network has fooled itself to imagine they are secretly on a “great work” towards an “end” of great importance. Their “end” is their extinction. Their “means”, itself, to achieve their end spell failure in Nature’s eyes. It is the species’ extinction just like the pyramid-building species committed suicide… that civilization who could not love-themselves and thus love the natural world provided for them by All-That-Is. The purpose for the physical framework of space and time that we find ourselve in is to spiritually grow through success and failure. Once a species cannot achieve spiritual value-fulfillment, it has lost itself within Nature. Everything is spiritually manifested into the corporeal world, even this horrendous, hive-mind, brainchip challenge to destroy free-will. Mankind must awaken or be replaced with another fresh attempt to do so. This is the way of Nature.