The Masonic Cult Attacks The Seth Material

Voices From The Underground

It started in January of 1975, after the success of Seth’s first book to help mankind deal with itself and get past organized cult influences upon the “profane.” Jane called the cult intrusions “The Underground”, and the occult. Go to Jane’s Psychic Politics, Chapter 16: Jane had nothing to do with the Freemasonry or Eastern Star branches of the massive Mystery School Cult, but when Seth’s first book took the public by storm… the cult naturally, had to stick it’s long Pinocchi-nose into any good works for mankind in order to hinder.

It seemed that a sexual theme was the angle of attack that the “craft” decided to take upon Jane. Dr. Wayne Dyer was obviously directed by the cult to take Seth’s first self-help-book for his new-readers who could handle Seth, yet, and Dyer re-worded it all and call it “Your Erroneous Zones.” Even Dyer took on a slight sexual theme to his interpretation to Seth’s book and insinuated the sexual term “Your Erogenous Zones.”

The attack theme is Sex, so guess who calls…

The cult was not just “super-real,” they were super-actors. They were having fun being un-real. Jane caught on and described the “Role-call” of Molly what it was, a caller playing a role… likely “Identified” by Jane as a phony.

Molly had been hearing voices in her body that were “not her’s” for over a year. That would make it 1974ish. This minion is talking about operational brainchip technology over 43 years ago. The Cult wants to take over the spiritual work on Earth and replace it with their fake-spiritual take-over techlology.

Lets now jump to Dr. Rauni Kilde who was assassinated by the cult in 2015. She had information that brainchips had been (re)-developed and distributed and used upon unsuspecting subjects starting in 1974 by (The Cult) to re-establish the ancient “Tower-Of-Babel” (which is the synthetic telepathy, hivemind). With it, they hoped to mind-control world-wide enslavement of the profane+. Dr. Kilde displayed the ability to auto-write and produced the book “You Do Not Die.” soon after that Kilde was harassed by (what I call) fake “aliens” to sway her into believing in the Cult’s phony masking technology for the eventual take-over of installing a world-wide hivemind.

Enough of Dr. Kilde who exposed the brainchips use in 1974.

So here we have “Molly” invading Jane’s works, who seems to be an initiate pretending to play the role of a authentic targeted individual (TI) by the underworld Mystery School cult. The voices coming into Molly were segmented strands of wireless consciousness from the “handler.” (To understand the suppression and demoralization atrocities that a cult “handler” commits: study Charles Langenberg’s work in exposing gang-stalking. He used the name (google it)

“Chuck” was suicide-d by “Mr Pipe-wrench” at about the time I tried to called him in 2013. He had a loving true-heart… as opposed to the greedy, hateful shit-hearts of the Cult.)

(NOTE: The “voice of god” in Molly’s head would be very similar to the brainchip synthetic telepathy that Central-Command used to trick poor Vincent Li with “the voice of god” and heterodyning (See Dr. Duncan, “The Matrix Deciphered”) his body to decapitate and eat body parts (like a zombie), of the young Tim McLean target.)

The “voice in her belly” was supposed to be her father is easy to project with the brainchip. The brainchip can trick the brain to sense the source of audio from anywhere, it is just brain-interface technology tricks. TI’s are deprived of sleep using the brainchip, so Molly could be pretending to show that trait to affect an authentic TI. Typically, a TI cannot reason out that a brainchip technology is causing the voices, so Hollywood movies are set-up for the profane to suggest answers, like “possession by evil spirits.” The cult wanted to scare Jane as to what “Seth” is. The way to replace the belief structures within the psyche is to first instill “doubt” in past beliefs. This would be the purpose of the doubting voice. Typically three voices will be set-up with the brainchip intrusion… an antagonist voice, a helpful reasonable voice, and an authoritative quiet voice.

Molly states the big problem that the cult has with Seth’s very general statement “You create your own reality.” The Freemason cult believes their purpose for the cult is to mould politics on every level of society to direct their “Great Work” of destroying the old world order and “from the ashes, raise the new fiery phoenix, or the hivemind controlled technocracy.

Jane had no idea that the brainchip was redeveloped and interfering with people’s thoughts and Seth wanted to keep her that way, so the cult would have it’s pathetic fun and then go away. It worked Seth! but I would not be surprised if Jane’s ailing body was a result of a Free-masonic, slow-kill attack or “secret dagger” that this assassins cult performs on any target that they can get away with (Seth would not want to burden Janes mind with the assassins if they were bugging her)… (heck, JFK was US president and a week after he declared the need to clean the secret-societies out of politics… JFK was given a Hiram Abiff assassination (See William Cooper’s Canadian interview or ).

Jane is puzzled that Molly is getting voices from both ends. The synthetic telepathy is not a simulation of natural inner voices, so Jane likely considered that Molly was making the whole thing up, but could not be sure and Seth certainly would not let the cat out of the bag and jeopardize the work being planned by the three of them. When Molly began repeating the same stuff and not accepting the help that Jane offered, means Molly was highly likely to be a pathetic actress just bulls’ing Jane with what the brainchip technology causes.

Molly said she was thinking of quitting her job and just developing her psychic ability… That sound like a cult bull-s statement because TI are so confused from the synthetic telepathy and energy weapons on their skin that they just want to get away from it all. Molly was cult, likely an Easter Star thug that was only pretending to follow the exercises in Seth’s self-help book.

So, Seth knew the cult was going to be messing up the profane with the same hindering, mind-control, technology that the Lumanians used to impede the hominids upon Earth. (See Chapter 15 “Seth Speaks”) Jane was left in the dark of all of this because it would have just hindered her purpose to pump-out the un-tampered-with Seth-books. (Although the publish did make some changes to the books, but Mary Dillman says it was all approved by Jane.)

“It won’t work for you” the doubting voice tells Molly… this was before the AI voices were in use, to these were really thugs on the other end of the wireless communication. (No cellular tower-grid was up so this would be a local thug transmitting the signal for a portable device. You see, the entire communications grid is for brainchips, not cell-phones… phones are just a trick, a subterfuge.) And getting wealthy is always impeded by the gang-stalkers and initiates so the TI becomes impoverished.

Jane said the “Scientist’s Underground is the Occult.

Roderick is obviously a back-stabbing Free-mason that hides his masonic purpose from Jane’s view.

Roderick began automatic writing. No-one has made the link between the brainchip and automatic writing, but it is obvious to me that it is well within the capabilities of the brainchip to heterodyne automatic writing. Dr. Robert Duncan exposed the cult’s use of heterodyned body movements in his “Matrix Deciphered,” but Duncan is a front-runner who’s whistle blower front is to become an authority and sway the masses away from the covert, brainchip installation program to create an endless line of sleeper, remote-control Manchurian candidates throughout the oblivious masses.

Automatic writing can be mimicked using the brainchip. Roderick was to design a new type of pyramid… pyramids were built by the Lumanians and hold highly, cultic-symbolism for the secret Thug-network. Claiming Seth’s contact with him was to bring artificial authority to his fake auto-writing. He was just lying to Jane, but it was possible to fake the spiritual auto-writing back then it seems that could mislead the believers.

The emphatic cult caller that wanted Jane to help find the murderer of the slain would be a way to trick Jane to be railroaded in the public eye by the cult run mass-media. Jane’s intuitions served her well to stay away from that crap.

Caller Bill wanted energy sent from Jane to aid his dying mother, but this seem like another cult extreme circumstance, again the cult scratching at Jane’s door to see if treachery can grab a leg or a wrist and drag Jane away from her Seth-Book projects. Jane’s intuitions served her well.

The cult minion’s were lining up to have their chance to sway Jane away from her real projects and to address their phony scenario of phony life. It is wonderful that Jane bothered to publish the actions of these deceptive thugs because, I wondered why she wasn’t accosted by these manipulators and why Seth never pointed at these monsters, obviously, hiding in the shadows back then. She was accosted by them and Seth kept her unaware of these treacherous monsters and eventually they lost interest in messing with Jane’s works. But you will notice on some printings the covers took on the masonic triangle within a circle. The cult apparently approved the Seth-books. Look into who suggested the new cover design within those publishing company and you will have found the cult’s tentacles flicking to and fro.

The world-wide-cult of wickedness invades Jane Roberts’ house.

Why? Because the cult has taken on the same role of impeding as did the ancient pyramid-building species. But the ancients used their high tech to impeded other species, while the nitwits in this cult impedes it’s own species. Seth said our species is really behind from where it could have been… Why? Because of the cult’s pathetic world-view of monster-dom (not a king-dom) creating a fascistic world of greed and hate.

Jane’s Home Is Invaded By The Cult.

See Chapter 18: “Psychic Politics”

Sex and Energy, some (cult) inventive versions

Seth (masonic fake-seths) by the Ouija-fouls

Note: You need to realize that the secret, Mystery School Cult claims Earth as it’s Luciferian-godly dominion. Lucifer was the AI that ran and monitored the Hivemind that enslaved the other hominids upon Earth under Lumanian control. This is why the eye above the pyramid represents the Luciferian (AI) surveillance required to maintain control. The cult that runs Hollywood made many movies about massive AI adversaries that tries to destroy humanity, just for its suggestion effects on the profane and the glory effects for the thug-network initiates. The spiritual is what they don’t understand, (The Lumanians were frightful and unexplorative and gave little interest in the non-physical and thus little progress in such areas, they were genetically hindered against aggression and thus frightful to expand and explore. This massive, hidden Cult worships the Lumanians for it’s ancient, brilliant, architects that built the fantastically-complex Giza Pyramid) They fabricated that masonic fake Blavatsky who had Masonic roots as well as that fake Alice Bailey to act as gifted spiritualists to pretend to be bringing data to our space-time from the “plains of the gods”.

They were just front-runners to sway and/or bury the real spiritualists. Blavatsky built-up her fictitious “gifts” as she touted the fake, spiritual direction with that fake-master so the masons could expand their “craft” to mould society down another avenue towards the Hivemind technology and re-establish techno-slavery of our new species like how our “beast” ancestor genetic line were hindered.

“The occult” means hidden and the all-encompassing Mystery School Cult (with all it’s branches) supposedly claims mastery of all things hidden in our society, but they are not. This is why the Cult began to attack Jane in January 1975, they wanted control of all things that make it into the spotlights. Have you notice the Seth-books have been suppressed through the decades? By the tricks and decisions of the massive Cult. Rob’s transcriptions are in the domain of a cult run institution, why is that?

End of note.

Jane was set up by the local Newspaper (obviously, run by the Cult) to give a set-up interview about “Open Marriage” in anticipation and a prep for who called next:

The Masturbating Cult Lawyer

Lets look at the Eastern Star Thug that came to invade and mock the Seth-Books channel-er:

The thug barges into Jane’s house after demanding to visit. This is how these monsters behave. “The situation was ludicrous.“ Jane said. but hey, she was reckless, haa!

The visitor claimed inner voices, but they were just lies while the cult had re-developed the brainchip to cause fake inner voices. Her “kundalini forces” were jargon lies, She didn’t want to be help, her purpose was to invade and destabilize Jane and Rob.

Seth obviously knew that she was a fraud, but went along with the Eastern Star gag just to keep Jane safe from their wicked reprisal. If Jane showed any signs of not falling for the cult scam, then they would see Jane’s abilities as a threat to the cult’s secrecy. Jane was not allowed to know to keep her safe, to keep the book dictation unhindered.

What is going on? She wanted to mess with their of marriage and thus working situation. To destroy or hinder their awesome working relationship. The car most likely would not start because a cult thug messed with it so the masturbating lawyer might end-up trying to spend the night…. likely, no taxi would have show up by design. Jane was feeling disturbed as she started Chapter 18. It is quite possible that the Eastern Stars would try to re-route Jane to their cult to gain “greater social prestige” what a joke that would have been.

But Rob did the right thing to get rid of her by walking her away from the house, but should have told Jane the plan to walk, but the witch would be pleading that Jane wouldn’t allow it… “just be reckless and walk me there.”

While talking she could pick away for a new attack angle as Rob chatted and walked her to the hotel. She didn’t want any help, she was testing the waters and the stability of their relationship. I can imagine the witch was using all her charm to seduce Rob… But of course Rob had a higher purpose upon Earth than to mess with thug-trash.

Seth had to try to protect the integrity of their team efforts and hold together the psychic/psychological bridge and achieve their goals to illuminate the masses which, also, includes enlightening all the wicked cult, too. What a “nice ghost” Seth is… to help delete the horrors of the cult and also help it’s initiates become smarter. Seth said one of his purposes is to avert the deadly conflicts the cult was setting-up as they twist it’s minions to serve non-sense. Seth kept from directly identifying the cult’s interference with their lives, but realized that the information of the interference would come out later for public awareness… that is now! Awesome!

So, the cult members have all been brainwashed that they are going to build a “utopia” from the ashes of the loving true-heart’s efforts. All they will actually achieve following this idiotic scheme is mankind’s extinction, which will also include these brainwashed thugs. So, Seth allowed them to become part of the material that Jane wrote about starting in 1975.

Jane did an excellent job of successfully seeing through the barrage of lies that the cult was throwing at her and turning it into useful reading and study for all of mankind to cherish. Jane needed to remain totally unaware (on purpose) that such an underhanded organization could exist to hinder mankind… this would have sent her down an avenue of probabilities that defeated Seth purpose to help mankind since Earth has been so dreadfully hindered by these lurking monsters in the shadows. That fact is one of the main powers that the cult wields… to remain hidden and commit all it’s dastardly deeds against mankind.

Jane’s oversoul worked hand in hand with Seth so that their illuminating information could turn our species’ death march to destruction around and successfully march us towards the loving species that we were designed to become. Yes, Jane suspected that her time was better spent elsewhere, rather than dealing with this barrage of Masonic idiots acting their way into secret star-dumb.

Look at how many time this cult has tried to kill me because I simply became aware that they are the greatest spiritual and physical hindrance mankind has ever witnessed…

Such economic and mental attacks upon Jane and Rob, (as they have committed against me) would only have increased if they became aware of the Thug-network’s presence and wickedness around and even inside their spiritual books.